sábado, 25 de diciembre de 2010 | By: Camii

Hello!! Welcome to my blog!
I didn't know how to introduce my self, so I just decided to post this amazing picture of me ( e__e), so you can see how beautiful I am... ahahaha. Just kidding. Yeah, that one in the picture it's me. I'm Camila. I'm 17 years old, and I'm from Spain (but my parents are brazilian, and my grandpa is italian...good mix, huh?). I'm on my last year at high school, so next year I'll be starting college (hopefully), but I still don't know what to study...maybe journalism, maybe marketing...don't know. And hopefully, after college I would love to go to London or New York to work (my dad lives in NY so thats a beginning). I love reading, watching movies, shopping...coffe, rainy days, music, playing the guitar, ice-creams...and lot of things more that you will discovered as I post.

So, this is my little introduction of myself and for my blog. I hope we can have great times together, share memories, and have fun.

Good Night!!

PD: Don't forget to stop by and say hello =)

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